How We Do It

At the centre of Project33 is an independent plastic recycling facility. The basic set up of the production line borrows from Precious Plastic, a Dutch charity and network that focuses on plastic recycling, connects people and puts blueprints and best practice in the public domain. We are proud to be part of the movement and to be working with them.

The recycled plastic production line can be set up in most locations. The entire production line fits into a large 42ft shipping container or similar space available and the solar energy solution allows it to work autonomously. The system consists of a plastic shredder, an extruder, moulding machines, and a 3D printer. The facility with its technology and solar energy system is installed with the support of Mirlando. Mirlando gives part of its profits to the charitable projects it supports directly, and project 33 is one of them.

This recycling system allows us to reform plastic into items for everyday use and for special needs, e.g. medical supplies. With creative designers involved we can also create unique homeware, gifts, and art. The community will be involved at all stages from plastic collection days, operating the machinery and equipment, running workshops and raising awareness, to helping with marketing and promotion onsite and online.